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Villa Tugenhadt Brno

Recital at Villa Tugenhadt,  Brno


On Thursday, August 13th at 9 pm CET, Magdalena Kožená and her husband performed together in Brno for the first time. The concert was a song recital, consisting exclusively of compositions by Czech composers, with Rattle accompanying Kožená on piano. This recital was scheduled as part of the Brno Music Marathon and Concentus Moraviae festivals. 

For Kožená, the setting for the concert is rich with meaning: “The atmosphere of a home concert in the unique environment of Villa Tugendhat, which is also taking place in my hometown, charges the whole performance with strong emotions. I included in the program songs that accompanied me while studying at the conservatory, and many of them include folk melodies or lyrics. I have the most intimate relationship with them, because they not only reflect the enormous wealth of folk creativity of our region, of which I am rightly proud, but they also remind me of the happy moments of my childhood and youth.”

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