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Reviews: 2nd Lady, Die Zauberfloete: Samantha Hankey
Dallas Opera, US

"The Queen of the Night’s three attendants, Diana Newman, Samantha Hankey, and Hannah Ludwig, made the most of their trio aria, “Würd ich mein Herz der Liebe weihn,” early in the first act, with excellent pitch and well-balanced and full voices."

J Robin Coffelt, Texas Classical Review, 21 October 2019


"Another lasting impression is created by Diana Newman, Samantha Hankey and Hannah Ludwig who make a delightful trio as the Three Ladies of the Queen. Their voices blend together perfectly, but each is distinct enough to be picked out of the ensemble. Their costumes are similar but different — like a girl group — with complementary fabrics and color scheme, but different designs. In a most humorous manner, these three make that difference a part of the characters they create."

Gregory Sullivan Isaacs, Theater Jones, 22 October 2019

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