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Review: Susanna Le Nozze di Figaro
Glyndebourne Festival / Summer 2022

“The revival benefits from a cast that is wholly invested and absorbed in the comedy – and drama – of the work, with pinpoint timing on comic delivery and a commitment to credible and high-quality acting. Combined with some excellent singing, the festival gives us the complete package here. The standout was the sensational performance by Hera Hyesang Park, singing Susanna, who gripped the attention in every scene. Park gave an excellent turn as Despina in Glyndebourne’s Cosi fan tutte last year and she here reinforced her Mozartian credentials in a performance that blended purity of singing with humour and humanity... By the second half she was a tour de force, the voice pellucid with notes like a string of pearls. Her acting too really brought the performance together: at times a mirthful firecracker, at others giving a touch of a chill as she showed flashes of the horror of her predicament, the fear of being a lower-class woman in a setting dominated by a lustful liege. There was real chemistry in her interactions with Figaro, sonorously sung by Brandon Cedel, in excellent voice."

Dominic Lowe, BachTrack, 24 May 2022

"The best reason for catching this revival comes with some of the singing, notably the pristine, diamond-cut soprano of Hera Hyesang Park’s Susanna."

Richard Fairman, The FT, 24 May 2022

“You can add to that showstopper Hera Hyesang Park’s pellucid Deh vieni: as Susanna, the Korean soprano is charming."

Neil Fischer, The TImes, 23 May 2022

“South Korean soprano Hera Hyesang Park has been making her mark internationally, not least through a superb solo album for DG. She was a light, delightful Susanna... had real musical grace. Her light (but not insubstantial) voice and innate sense of Mozartean style enables her Susanna to shine; and she is a fine comedienne, too. The blending of her voice at the famous ‘Sull’aria’ with the Countess (Amanda Woodbury) was a moment of pure loveliness."

Colin Clark, Seen and Heard International, 27 May 2022


Vocally, though, he (Brandon Cedel) was excellent throughout, as was his bride Susanna, sung with crystal clarity by Hera Hyesang Park 

Miranda Heggie, The Arts Desk, 24 May 2022

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