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Reviews: Susanna Le Nozze di Figaro

Julie Fuchs, conducted by Thomas Hengelbrock / Balthasar Neumann

Festival Aix en Provence

"It was the performance of Julie Fuchs as Susanna that will be remembered above all others. While her wonderful vocal qualities have been well documented, which she employed here with supreme confidence, it was her talent as comedy actress that really impressed. Rarely, do you find singers who possess that fine sense of comic timing which can turn even the most hackneyed moment of amusement into the genuinely hilarious. Fuchs’ every action, gesture and glance was executed with just the right emphasis.

The was also true of her singing in which she subtly inflected the voice to show surprise, playfulness and mock shock, all done with a degree of exaggeration to force home the humor of the situation. Of course, her performance went beyond just comedy, her Susanna was confident, intelligent and sensitive.

Her Act four aria “Deh vieni non tardar” allowed her to show off her musical sensitivity, in which her ability to softly caress the vocal line was deeply expressive, and a delight to listen to."

OperaWire, July 2021


"Suzanne exceptionnell de Julie Fuchs, dont le portrait dramatique a été soigné."

Le Figaro, July 2021

E"t plus encore à la Susanna assoluta de Julie Fuchs, piquante, polissonne et follement séduisante, que mène le plateau par le bout du nez et la musique de Mozart aux confins de sa perfection, une prise de rôle majeure pour la soprano française qui prouve le pouvoir est bien entre les mains réconciliatrices des femmes."
Le Monde, July 2021
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